Our Timeless Year

Our Timeless Year by Beverly Hamilton

When Beverly’s husband Ulf, was diagnosed with dementia and then sleep apnea they were faced with a challenging future. Though initially feeling helpless dealing with a loved one in crisis, through creativity and many tears Beverly shifted her perception of their changing lives from fear to love. This gave her a measure of quietness and peace woven into a time of great sadness and loss.

In Our Timeless Year Beverly expresses the love, often mingled with joy and laughter, that define the challenge of sharing this remarkable experience with Ulf.

Join Ulf and Bev in their journey of living in “the present moment.”

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“This book is a love story that will go to the center of everyone’s heart. It is written with amazing honesty, transparency, authenticity covering the highs and lows of Beverly’s journey with her husband, Ulf, who was suffering from dementia. Bev interlaces her book with several quotes from “A Course in Miracles” which proved to be so helpful during their traveling together, with peace of God and continuing to focus on living in the present, being their common goal.”
– Jerry Jampolsky, M.D. is an Adult and Child Psychiatrist and founder of Attitudinal Healing International

 “Beverly’s writing blessed me as a minister, and some personal areas of my being. I have every intention of using Our Timeless Year to conduct a class in self healing of past grief. This book will be on my reading list for clients.”
– Reverend Max Lafser, Unity Minister

“Beverly Hamilton has written a heartwarming story, about how she and her husband faced his illness. Soon after Ulf’s initial diagnosis of dementia they discovered he had sleep apnea, which in his case obscured the clinical presentation of dementia.  As both of them became better informed, they discovered how sleep apnea can masquerade as dementia.”
– Dr. Don Curran, Board Certified Psychiatry and Sleep Medicine

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